Now that Canada's federal election is in full swing, it's important to get to know the candidates. And what better way to do that then to take a peek inside their personal lives? Andrew Scheer and his wife, for example, have rocketed into the spotlight over the past year. Despite how they might appear in front of the cameras, the couple lives a pretty normal Canadian life together. 

Scheer and his wife met in university. The two got together while attending the University of Ottawa. However, they eventually moved back to Jill’s hometown of Regina to settle down. The couple got married in a Holy Rosary Cathedral in 2003 and have five children together.

The spotlight has not stopped them from getting their kids ready for school every day, and their morning routine is much like everyone else's. 


Despite Scheer’s busy schedule, they still find the time to have fun together and go on date nights. Jill surprised her husband for his birthday back in May with a party.


Scheer and his wife appear to have taken many trips together in their sixteen years of marriage and often bring their kids along. Even the Scheers aren't exempt from the stress that comes with getting four young kids ready and out the door for a family vacation.


It’s easy to forget that when they're out of the spotlight, political figures are just regular people with jobs. It's nice to be reminded of what we have in common with our current and possibly future leaders. 

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