Even when the season changes, winter isn't down for the count. So you can't even expect warm temperatures across the country when the calendar flips at the end of March. April weather in Canada is set to be a battle between winter and spring conditions.

According to The Weather Network, the month of April will have a similar pattern to what we saw in March with flip-flopping temperatures.

Even though the normal temperatures during the month are higher than in March, there will still be a battle between cold and warm weather.

For western Canada, it'll most likely be on the colder side for the month whereas southern Ontario and the western Maritimes should be warmer than usual.

Normal temperatures are expected for southern Manitoba, northern Ontario, the eastern Maritimes and Newfoundland & Labrador.

For the beginning of the month, winter weather will stick around across the Prairies with the coldest temperatures happening in Alberta.

That chill in the air will be widespread from B.C. all the way to western Manitoba. 

From April 1 to April 10, a pocket of cold is expected near Edmonton while a pocket of warmth is forecasted to sit over western Quebec.

In the middle of the month, there is the potential for that cold weather to shift from west to east.

That would mean below normal temperatures in Ontario and Quebec while milder conditions move in for western parts of the country.

If this change-up does happen, it won't last for long.

At the end of April, that warmer than usual pattern is expected to return to most of Ontario along with southern Quebec.

There's the potential for some really warm weather to move in there before May begins.

Those temperatures could also reach into the Maritimes.

For western parts of the country, it will be cooler than normal at the end of the month.

However, remember that what's considered the normal temperature rises to 10 C across Canada during April.

So, that's a plus!

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