Cold and snow and no rain, oh my! It's been one heck of a wild ride so far this month for a number of reasons including the weather. April weather records in Canada have been broken across the country and it's not in a good way. 

According to The Weather Network, April is a month for cruel, tumultuous weather that often flip flops between extremes.

In keeping with that tradition, conditions throughout this month have been less than favourable in some parts of the country.

On April 22, northern Ontario experienced late extreme cold and Geraldtown shattered its daily record low by more than seven degrees when the temperature reached -20.4 C.

That's colder than the average low in December in that region.

Winnipeg got its heaviest April snowfall in 21 years.

On the second and third days of the month, 22 centimetres of fresh powder fell which is the most that has come down in April since 1999.

That's a terribly delayed April Fool's Day joke.

In Calgary, it's been more than 200 days since the city has experienced 20 C and it's the longest run since 1907.

Temperatures have been below that threshold since September 23 for the fourth-longest streak.

It's forecasted to be in the teens through to May 2 and if that happens, it'll be the most consecutive days below 20 C ever.

B.C. had its longest April dry stretch since the 1950s and it actually rained more in a few hours on April 22 in some parts than it did in all of the previous few weeks.

In some places in the province, it had been more than two weeks without a drop.

Northern Quebec also saw shattered records for cold.

Kuujjuaq had a low of -30.9 C on April 21 which blew the day's previous record of -24.9 C from 1990 out of the water.

Also, northern Canada broke pressure records in April and that has led to arctic air being pushed into central parts of the country.

When it comes to bad weather in April in Canada, it doesn't have to break records to be miserable.

Toronto is on track to have one of its coldest Aprils on record and the city still has yet to reach 15 C this month.

Ontario's Lake Erie continues to have very high water levels and the lake could finish with an average water level for April above 175 metres.

That'd be a first for the month.

Alberta saw remarkable cold and snow during the first half of April which is something that happens less than once in 50 years on average.

Unusual wildfire activity for April near Squamish, B.C. led to evacuations early in the season.

Here's to a better May!

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