If you're an avid shopper at Aritzia, you may have noticed the lack of loyalty programs that the popular clothing store currently has in place. Yet, shoppers may soon be able to opt into the popular Vancouver-based clothing company's loyalty program, as Aritzia has just announced that a program is in the works.  This new loyalty program will incorporate new digital sale tools that are expected to increase Aritzia's sales even more. 

Aritzia has confirmed to Narcity that a new loyalty program is in the works, but has been unable to release any details on exactly what this new program may entail. According to CBC, the loyalty program will be in partnership with the software firm SAP to help enhance the customer experience.

CEO Brian Hill told CBC that the loyalty program will not follow the traditional guidelines where a customer can purchase two items and receive a third one free. Instead,  they are still trying to define what a loyalty program looks like at Aritzia as they are an "everyday luxury" brand.  

However, Yahoo notes that an app is currently in the works for the company's 3,000 style advisors that will showcase client data that will allow a more personalized shopping experience for those using the loyalty program.  

This new program will also allow the company's staff to better assist customers and provide them with product recommendations in real-time. 

Jennifer Wong, Aritzia's chief operating officer told Yahoo that they are "confident that these tools will continue to set Aritzia apart and keep us on the forefront of providing excellent customer service and aspirational shopping experience."

This will also be the companies first loyalty program. Aritzia has confirmed to Narcity that they currently do not have any other loyalty programs in place. However, they do pride themselves in sending out email-exclusive discount and sale notifications to the customers on their mailing lists. 

This means, that it could be possible that these exclusive discounts and even more could also be included to those who opt into the loyalty program once it launches. 

Aritzia has yet to provide any more details as to exactly when this program will be released to Canadians, or what it will entail. 

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