Police in Laval, Quebec were called to investigate reports of a newborn baby being abandoned outside of a home in the city's Chomedey district on Wednesday evening. Stéphanie Beshara, a police spokesperson, explained that a woman called 911 at around midnight on Wednesday claiming she had discovered a newborn baby abandoned in a shoebox, that someone had left on her balcony.

Temperatures were low on Wednesday night ranging between 7 and 8°C. It is suspected that the baby spent nearly two hours outside before being discovered.

Responding officers immediately rushed to the woman's house and wrapped the baby in a blanket to keep the baby warm before paramedics arrived on the scene. Thankfully, the baby is currently in stable condition but remains under close watch as a precaution.

"Being alive is almost a miracle, " explained Stéphanie Beshara, according to a report by La Presse.

Roughly 15 minutes after receiving the call about the baby on the balcony, police were informed by a local hospital that an 18-year-old had just given birth and abandoned her offspring.

According to Global News, the young mother has since been placed under arrest for failing to provide the necessaries of life for a child under the age of 16 years. The maximum sentence for failing to provide such care in Canada is five years in prison.

Originally written by Christine Emond, Narcity Quebec.

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