If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that we can never count on consistent or predictable weather in Western Canada. After a relatively mild Thanksgiving long weekend, B.C. and Alberta weather this week is looking pretty grim. It's looking really soggy towards the west and pretty frosty over in Alberta. Here's what you need to know about the weather for the week ahead.

According to The Weather Network, “British Columbia and Alberta will see active weather this week.” If you’re wondering what “active weather” means, it’s nothing good, that’s for sure. It looks like we’ll be seeing the impact of some systems blowing in from the Gulf of Alaska that will rush us right into winter while our pumpkin spice lattes are still steaming.

As a result, B.C. is in for an entire week of rain and temperatures that are normally common for December and January on the West Coast. See? Winter. We're not talking a little drizzle.

According to The Weather Network, some parts of B.C. might see rain up to 100 mm this week. On top of that, there are also heavy winds expected near the water. Though the likelihood of rain slides down to only 60% over the weekend, the next few days will likely be wet ones.

As for Alberta, the Rockies and the foothills can expect a whole lot of snow. In the areas not impacted by the snow, such as Calgary, you can expect to see some rain showers, clouds, and a little bit of sun peeking through on occasion.

Beyond the dampness, rainfall warnings are currently in effect along the North Coast of B.C., according to The Weather Network.

Though we're not exactly excited to plow right through fall and into winter this early in the year, we acknowledge that it could be much worse. For example, thousands of Manitobans were without power or evacuated from their homes this Thanksgiving weekend because of a massive snowstorm. After hearing what they're enduring, we think we can probably handle a little rain and snow. We are Canadian, after all.

Though we know we can handle it, that doesn't stop many of us from posting our weather woes on social media.

"Vancouver weather today is the definition of "so cold your legs are frozen", seriously i need leg warmers or some thing" one Twitter user wrote earlier this week. Another Twitter user posted an ode to Alberta that read "Shoutout to Alberta for the lovely fall weather we have here."

Alberta isn't exactly famous for defined seasons, especially when it comes to fall. Unfortunately, it looks like Alberta is bringing B.C. down with them this year.

We hate to say it, but winter is rolling in this week for Western Canada. If you're in B.C., get those rubber boots and umbrellas ready. If you're in Alberta, stay inside.

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