Bus-sized basking sharks could one day make a big comeback in Canada!

According to a new report from The Weather Network, Canadian researchers are hopeful that greater numbers of the endangered creatures will eventually return to our waters.

Although between 300 and 550 basking sharks are currently thought to be living somewhere between Mexico and B.C., only a handful are spotted in Canada every year.

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The harmless animals were once extremely common in B.C., so much so that they were killed in abundance for being a nuisance.

The sharks, which can be up to 10 metres long, were later deemed endangered by the federal government. A decade ago, legal protections were implemented to help the population recover.

While only small numbers are now spotted in Canadian waters every year, the amount of sightings is not decreasing. This, according to researchers, is a good sign.

"It makes me happy that they are not going down,” explained one scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. “Static is at least stable.”

While it may take a number of years for the sharks to return to B.C. waters in abundance, the stable numbers show that a comeback could certainly be on the horizon! 

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