We’re back with another lotto winner and this story is so iconic! According to BCLC, the most adorable dynamic duo won big with BC/49 over the weekend. These two best friends from B.C. won a $2 million lottery prize that they plan on sharing. Now, they will be starting their lives over together! 

According to an email send by BCLC to Narcity, two best friends from Kamloops, Susan Hook and Martha McCallum, won $2 million! The two have been friends for over 50 years. But the story doesn't end here, these two BFFs have been through so much together and they definitely deserved the big win.

The two decided to “go in on” a BC/49 ticket together last week. They quickly discovered that they were the proud winners of $2 million after matching all six numbers! 

The ticket was from the Aug. 17 draw and it's safe to say neither one of them regret going in on it!


“I was on my coffee break and decided to check the ticket,” said McCallum. “I thought 'What do all the zeros mean?' And I went back to work believe it or not.”

Both Hook and McCallum are widows and this life-changing win came on a day that is tidally difficult for them. 

“I am not a drinker but I said ‘I need a glass of wine’ [when we found out], and we cried together,” said Hook. “Yesterday was the anniversary of my husband’s passing and it is quite something to know that we became millionaires on that day. I dread that day every year.”

The best friends plan on living together and are so excited about what this win is going to bring into their lives. Now, they plan on travelling, and living their lives “comfortable, but not flashy.”


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