A B.C. charity's crowdfunding campaign has raised enough money to save a part of an inlet in the province from possible logging and development. In an amazing showing of generosity, $3 million dollars was raised to save the land. This is welcome news and a big win for part of Canada's natural landscape.

B.C. Parks Foundation is an independent charity and, with help from the public, was able to raise enough money to purchase 800 hectares of Princess Louisa Inlet and save it from private development. 

The lead up to the deadline was a nail biter. The goal was only reached right at the last minute on Tuesday night.

"We knew that there had been a couple offers from forestry companies to buy that property and that's why we got involved in the first place," said Andrew Day, B.C. Parks Foundation CEO.

People couldn't be more happy about this news, calling it a beautiful save and wonderful. We couldn't agree more. 

"It's really a huge portion of the inlet and we'll do our best to make sure that that area stays protected forever," said Day.

The sale won't be final until Sept. 3 but Day is confident that nothing will stand in the way of the purchase.

B.C. Parks Foundation plans to protect the land among other things. According to the CBC, the long-term plan for the area is to combine the bought land with surrounding Crown land, parks and conservation area for a provinical park.

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