You may want to keep an eye on your pooch. Officials in B.C. have launched an investigation after several coyotes and dogs have been poisoned. According to conservation officers, B.C. coyotes are being poisoned by processed meat that has been tampered with in the Sea to Sky Region. In addition, dogs have been falling ill from the same cause. 

While the pets have been treated by veterinarians, two coyotes have been killed. Should officials catch the culprit, a fine of up to $250,000 could be issued. 

If you are taking your dog out for a walk in the area, be sure to keep a close eye on them. 

In a Facebook post by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, they explained that an investigation has been launched. 

Over the past several weeks, wildlife has been making the news for re-surfacing after a long winter. 

According to conservation officers, the carcasses of two coyotes were found in the Pemberton Meadows area. 

Officials determined through testing that the animals died of poisoning

The post also states that several dogs have been getting sick. Unlike the wild animals, all of the dogs recovered in veterinary care.

Conservation officers have confirmed that the animals have been ingesting some type of processed meat that has been tampered with. 

At this time, officials have not released what type of meat was poisoned or what it was poisoned with.

They also haven't released any details as to where the meat has been found. 

While no one has been convicted at this time, officials are continuing their investigation. 

Should someone be found guilty, they could be fined up to $250,000. 

Anyone with information is being encouraged to call conservation officers at 1(877)952-7277. 

If you happen to find any deceased animals in your area, this is also the number to call. 

While we may not know what the meat is or what it looks like, it's safe to say that we should all be sure our dogs aren't picking up mystery meat while out on a walk. 

Just think of the 90s PSA "Don't Put It In Your Mouth." 

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