People will say nearly anything to get out of a ticket. While some of the excuses might be legit, police are smart and can see right through a fake story. Most recently, a BC driver was fined $575 for throwing a lit cigarette out of his car window. When police asked why he did it, he had the most bizarre excuse ever. 

According to a tweet by Chief Del Manak with the Victoria Police Department, a driver was recently caught doing a huge no-no. This bad move was throwing a lit cigarette out a car window in BC. 

For those of you who may not know, throwing a lit cigarette anywhere in BC is taboo. This is because they are a huge contributing factor to wildfires, which has already been a big problem in Canada this year

In fact, lit cigarette butts being thrown out of cars has become such a problem that the provincial government once considered impounding vehicles that were caught doing it. 

With BC's extremely dry climate, almost no rain, and high winds, it’s easy to understand why protocols like this are taken so seriously. But what is not easy to understand is the excuse that this driver gave for their actions.

According to the tweet, Manak was driving on Highway 17 near Quadra Street in Saanich on June 8, 2019, when he witnessed a driver in front of him throw a lit cigarette out the window. As a result, Manak pulled him over. 

When Manak asked the driver why they did that, the driver responded by saying “I didn’t want it to burn my car.” When he gave his excuse, he pointed to his cup holder in the console.

The not so enthusiastic Manak told the driver that if they were worried about burning their car, they should not smoke in it in the first place. 

The driver got fined with a whopping $575 ticket. Under “description of offence” it says “drop, release, or mishandle burning substance". 

This is not the first time a ticket like this has been given out to a BC driver. In August 2017, the West Short RCMP tweeted out another $575 ticket for the exact same thing.

The driver in this particular instance called the fine "insane." Regardless of what they called insanity, they still had to pay the fine. 

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