Chances are if you have social media you have been involved in some capacity of an online argument. But probably not to this extent. A recent court document shows that two B.C. women put everyone's Facebook wars to shame. These B.C. enemies sued one another after getting into the weirdest, and possibly longest, online war ever. Buckle in, it’s a wild ride. 

According to a court document released by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Qinqin Shen and Jing Lu are not fans of one another. 

The two women barely know each other and have rarely met in person, but they're both suing for "defamation, breach of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress."

Their verbal war took place over a decade on social media and after the lawsuit was filed, things allegedly intensified. 

To add to the weirdness of the entire situation, both women represented themselves in the trial. 

The court document is lengthy and the table of contents is filled with quotable phrases like “homeless dog,” “the most famous loser,” “worth scum,” and “garbage.”

“Both of these women, for reasons that remain largely a mystery, have demonstrated conduct that is flagrant and extreme. Indeed, much of it could be described as obsessive and bordering on the irrational," wrote Justice Elaine Adair in the document.

"Each of them claims that the behaviour of the other has inflicted serious harm on her. However, neither recognizes that they are, in many respects, mirror images of one another.”

Naturally, there are examples to prove this point as well. 

In an online post in 2015, Lu made a statement about Shen’s son with threatening language. Shen then came back at Lu’s son saying it was her 10-year goal to make sure he never got married. 

Again, in 2015, Lu stated that it was her mission to make Shen “the most famous loser more famous.”

In 2009, Lu had accused Shen of wearing “loose sportswear making her look like an "old aunt selling bus tickets."

Lu also published a post calling Shen the "worst scum" and  calling her family "garbage."

These are just a few examples given in the public document. 

The two ganged up on each other on a pair of Chinese-Canadian social media forums called Candameet and Ourdream. 

The entire court document is difficult to follow and is filled with claims, counterclaims, and affidavits that didn’t meet the basic requirements for court proceedings because they were filled with “opinions (rather than facts) from non-experts, argument, rhetoric, invective, speculation, conclusions and irrelevant statements of belief, emotional appeals, and hearsay.”

Lu was the first to sue Shen after Shen accused her online of being “too poor to buy a house.” 

Shen also allegedly contacted Lu’s son's high school to verify that he was accepted into Harvard. 

Shen then sued Lu stating that she Lu lied and made up stories about her son. 

Throughout the document, both women often talked about each other's kids. 

Justice Elaine Adair eventually concluded that each woman was defamed in different ways including Lu being called a “liar, a slut and a bitch, and someone who deceives and swindles others” and Shen being called the “most famous cheap woman” implying she was famous for selling herself for cheap sex. 

These are just a few examples of the defamatory comments. 

“I have found that each of Ms. Shen and Ms. Lu is liable to the other for defamation, and that each breached the other’s privacy,” wrote Adair.

“I note the absence of any apology from either Ms. Lu or Ms. Shen.”

Both Lu and Shen have been ordered to refrain from directly or indirectly “making, publishing, disseminating or broadcasting any words in any public forum or social media” about one another or their family members. 

They were also ordered to remove all public posts about one another on Canadameet, Ourdream, and any other social media platform by August 31, 2020. 

In the end, both women simultaneously won and lost as Adair awarded Lu $9,000 and Shen $8,500. 

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