We’re back with another adorable video! Thanks to the lovely people of the Internet, we found an adorable video of a BC harbour seal accidentally tipping over a kayaker. Thanks to underwater cameras, nothing was harmed and we get to relive this funny moment over and over again. 

Harbour seals are basically water dogs. And who doesn’t love dogs? Their curious nature and utterly adorable faces make them perfect for the Internet. Thanks to the Vancouver subreddit, we found an amazing and adorable video of a harbour seal tipping over a kayaker. The video has since gone viral with over 600 upvotes. 

According to a Reddit user, a Port Moody harbour seal had no fear getting up close and personal with a kayaker. This seal might have got a little too friendly, but thankfully, the adorable encounter was caught on video. 

In the video, you can see a kayaker looking down at two approaching seals. One is a little more active than the other and looks like it is trying to jump the kayak. 

After several failed attempts, the seal swims back as if it is taking a leap at the kayak. This is when the adorable water creature accidentally tips over the boat–sending the kayakers straight into the water. 

During the next several frames, you can see the kayak totally capsize and the person falls underwater. 

While this may seem like a strange encounter, the comment section says otherwise. According to other Reddit users, these harbour seals are very curious creatures and like checking out what’s around them. 

Many people have been sharing their own experiences with the seals in the comments. 

Everyone is sure to point out that the wild animals are not aggressive and are just playful in nature. 

Whether the seals wanted to play, were looking for food, or just checking out the kayak, it sure did make for one cute video! 

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