Good news to those at home, because the liquor stores aren't closing and we can party on in self-isolation. BC Liquor Stores are open for now as other places around them close shop for COVID-19. There's no need to mob their stores and hoard all the White Claw.

"At this time we have no immediate plans to close stores or our distribution centres," said BC Liquor Stores to Narcity in a statement Tuesday, March 18.

There have been rumours on social media that COVID-19 will have the stores soon closing. A Narcity editor visited a store recently and said it was completely packed. One worker claimed the past few days were as busy as Christmas time.

"Shelves were sparse, workers were trying to restock shelves and the till were packed with customers lined up," she said.

That doesn't mean they're keeping it lax during a public health emergency. They told Narcity they've ramped up "preventative measures" including "rigorous cleaning measures."

It's also affecting some of their locations' operating hours, reads their website.

"We are hard at work to ensure we are taking all necessary precautions to keep those most vulnerable safe, while determining how we can continue to deliver our services," they said.

Unfortunately, there's no delivery available at this time so you'd have to drop by in-person to stock up on your party-for-one supplies. 

Despite disagreeing with rumours, they said they're watching the global COVID-19 situation carefully. They noted that the situation is changing quickly, and are taking directions from the provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

That means that although they're open for now, this could change as the situation develops.

Also, this decision only applies to the government-operated BC Liquor Stores. Private liquor stores could close if they'd like.

The uncertainty is leading people to flock to the liquor store.

The company told Narcity they're not releasing sales data but according to Twitter users, the liquor stores are being bought up.

"Not completely empty, but definitely emptier than normal," read one Twitter post. "Staff said they couldn't keep up."

Hopefully, liquor hoarding won't turn into the new toilet paper craze, but judging by all the people who are lining up, it's hard to say.

At least the White Claws are safe for now.

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