A rivalry among two teenage girls in B.C. took a violent turn. On Thursday, June 25, B.C. provincial courts convicted a teenage girl for throwing a hot bowl of ramen noodles on one of her peers. The B.C. ramen assault left the victim with second and third-degree burns on her chest. 

According to the court document, the two girls were involved in an "ongoing feud between two friend groups." So imagine Mean Girls, but if things actually went to court. 

The full names of the girls involved have been redacted for anonymity. Basically, 14-year-old SH and 15-year-old MVT, as they have been identified here, encountered each other in the girls' bathroom on December 11, 2018. 

Their younger sisters had also been fighting for some reason, and that's what reportedly prompted the two girls to go at each other in the bathroom. "The girls swapped petty insults and told each other to 'f*** off,'" read the court document. 

They even pulled out their cellphones and began video-recording each other while exchanging insults. 

"Within minutes of their encounter, SH threw the hot contents of her cup of noodles at MVT causing serious second and third-degree burns to MVT’s chest," read the court document.

The document goes to examine the background of the feud between the two girls. You might want to sit down because it gets complicated. 

The undisclosed school was already privy to "Bro fights," which the court describes as "consensual 'friendly fights.'"

The school observed this and suspended the students involved in these fights that were apparently sparked by some sort of YouTube trend. 

In some circumstances, the students were either victims or perpetrators of cyberbullying and sometimes even both. The whole thing escalated when the younger sister of two parties fell apart over a boy. 

That's when MVT wrote to SH's sister, allegedly sending "threatening messages" over Instagram to stop bullying her younger sister. 

The threats between the two groups continued in full force. In one case, SH's younger sister posted comments on MVT's profile, saying things like she got lip and butt injections, and allegedly fat-shaming her.

SH's younger sister actually got suspended for getting into a Bro Fight with some other people a day before the ramen incident. 

Months of bullying, aggravation, and threats between the two groups came to a head on the day of the assault. After pouring hot contents all over MVT, the two girls actually "stumbled over the garbage bin and landed on the floor." 

The whole altercation lasted for 20 seconds, said the court document. Afterwards, MVT was taken to a hospital. 

The judge ruled that the bowl of ramen noodles indeed counts as a weapon. Anything is a weapon if its deployed to "kill, injure, attack, threaten, or intimidate someone else," added the court document. 

Apparently SH claimed that her act was involuntary. But the judge decided, "I believe she threw the noodles as an offensive not a defensive strike."

SH hasn't been sentenced yet for her actions. She got convicted of two assault counts in the end: assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon.

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 


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