B.C. police are hopping into the digital world just like the rest of us. On Monday, April 27, B.C. RCMP announced that they have such a large collection of recovered stolen items that they've started up a webpage to find the owners. Vancouverites and Calgarians are being urged to check the page if they've been victims of break and enters in the last few years. 

The announcement, titled "Mounties launch webpage to return a large cache of stolen goods," was made on the website. A photo of some of the stolen goods laid out on a table was also attached to the notice. 

In the post, the police explained that they have recovered such a large amount of stolen goods that they are asking the public to help them return the items to the owners. 

So we can visit their official webpage to check out the stuff and possibly find something that we've had stolen in the past.

Normally the police ask the public to identify suspects and come forward with information.

It's not every day when the cops trust us to find the owners of stolen items. 

Apparently, this large batch of goods was recovered in a joint operation between West Vancouver Police and Coquitlam RCMP's Prolific Target Team. 

Their efforts led to the arrest of 52-year-old Michael Horyn of Port Coquitlam, who had carried out a series of break-and-enters over 2018 and 2019. 

Multiple search warrants were issued, and the police were able to find "hundreds of thousands of dollars" worth of personal property and money. 

The police believe that Horyn targetted homes where people had been away for a long time. 

"One of the reasons weโ€™re encouraging people to claim their items is that it could lead to new charges being laid. This investigation is still very active," said Sergeant Keith Schendel with Coquitlam RCMP

Therefore, anyone in Metro Vancouver and Calgary who was a victim of a break and enter in 2018 or 2019 is encouraged to go on the webpage and see if they can identify any of their belongings. 

But this isn't going to be a free-for-all

If you see something that you think belongs to you, you're going to be asked specific questions about the goods that only the owner would know. 

"Coquitlam RCMP wants to remind you that investigators will be carefully reviewing every claim," the announcement reads. 

Some of the items seen in the photo include multiple pieces of jewelry, rare coins, guns, watches, pens, and even a utensil kit. 

The burglar responsible is currently facing eight counts of break and enters and is set to go on trial in August or September of 2020. 

If you've been missing your lucky pen, you should probably hit up this new webpage. 

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