Earlier this summer a scary manhunt ensued that covered three provinces. Police and the public were actively searching for two teen boys that murdered three individuals including a couple. As of Friday, September 27 more information has been released regarding the investigation. RCMP gave a statement today that the BC teen murder suspects had no known motive. 

Just moments ago, RCMP conducted a press conference regarding the scary triple murder that took place over the summer. The announcement was live-streamed on CTV News. Addressing the public was Kevin Hackett, Assistant Commissioner. 

According to the statement issued by Hackett, there is no known motive behind the triple murders that took place in July. 

“We uncovered no information that predicted or forecasted that the homicides took place in Northern B.C. There was no indication that these were planned or predicted,” said Hackett. 

“We believe that no other suspects are responsible for the three homicides or were involved in any way. The murder appears to be random and crimes of opportunity with no known motive.” 

The theory is standing that the two key suspects, Kam McLeod and Bryer Shmegelsky, came across the van of the couple and shot and kill them before continuing up to the Yukon only to come back down to B.C. after having vehicle issues. 

This is when the two came across the lone man and shot and killed him. They then burnt the vehicle to cover up evidence before stealing items in order to escape east. 

Hackett also confirmed in the press conference that the boys took their own lives. It is believed that McLeod shot Shmegelsky before turning the gun on himself in a "suicide pact.”

That the two teens made a video before killing themselves. Although the general public is curious to see it, officials are refusing to release the video in order to avoid copy cats. 

According to Vice News, the two boys had a very different childhood compared to most kids and often expressed far-right ideology online, with one even posing in Nazi apparel. 

The two teens were found dead on August 7, 2019. They were originally on the run in July after killing Lucas Fowler, a 23-year-old Australian man, and Chynna Deese, a 24-year-old American woman, and Leonard Dyke. 

The RCMP update today also confirmed that the teens admitted to murders before dying by suicide.

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