When you think of a tornado, you may think of flying debris, or even a cow, if you’ve watched any classic movie from the 70s. But on Thursday, May 21, a trampoline in Saanich became airborne after a rare B.C. tornado hit the area. The tornado wasn’t huge, but it was big enough to send the structure flying through the neighbourhood. Thankfully, a doorbell camera was able to catch it all.

On Thursday, May 21, a small tornado formed inside the residential neighbourhood, which is just north of Victoria. 

The tornado touched down in a yard on McBriar Avenue just long enough to pick up some debris with it.

While it would make sense for the formation to bring with it a tumbleweed or two, it actually lifted up an entire trampoline. 

In the video, you can see that winds are high. Across the street, a funnel cloud forms in someone's backyard. 

As the tornado rips through the yard, a trampoline shoots up and out of the backyard, darting up into the air. 

The airborne trampoline literally goes so high it leaves the frame of the video for a solid few seconds. 

Eventually it comes back down but not before passing over four houses. 

The video was posted on Twitter and it’s since gone viral. 

CBC News reported that the trampoline eventually came to a halt on the street and no one was injured.

The trampoline, however, didn’t have such a lucky fate, and by the looks of photos obtained by CBC, it was a little bent out of shape. 

This makes sense, seeing as the thing flew to 20 feet in the air, says Chek News. Altogether, CBC News reports that it flew 100 meters from where it was originally. 

According to The Weather Network, Environment Canada has confirmed that it was likely an EF-0 tornado that went through the area. EF-0 is the weakest level. 

With tornado like this, the maximum wind speeds can be anywhere from 90 to 130 kilometres an hour. 

Normally, an EF-0 tornado doesn't cause this much damage, they explained. 

But Saanich wasn’t the only area in B.C that had bizarre weather yesterday. In fact, some areas of the province received snow overnight

With all this wacky weather, maybe it's a good idea to stay inside fo a bit. 

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