While the rest of Canada has already been feeling the cold, British Columbia has been sitting pretty with milder weather so far this year. That's about to change because this week because we will be hit with a massive weather bomb straight from the arctic that's going to freeze most of the province. B.C. weather right now is about to take a left turn almost straight into winter. 

Even in Vancouver, where we routinely dodge winter weather, it's expected to feel like - 10 degrees soon.

There are 22 special weather statements in effect across the province right now because B.C. is in for a cold week full of wintry weather.

According to the weather statement, the province is shifting to "colder conditions" across the northern and central regions of the province.

There will be cold air, as cold as - 25 degrees at times,  throughout the week. 

If you've been waiting to wear your bulky sweaters and boots, the time to put them on is right now. 

Plus, if you're driving around the province make sure your winter tires are on and add an emergency kit to your car in case you're stuck in the snow.

Of course, for those of us who love winter, it's the perfect time to explore adorable small towns throughout the province. 

Almost the entire province is on a special weather alert. All the regions in grey represent places where there's going to be a "cold and blustery week ahead" according to the public weather alert.

When the weather gets super cold and extreme in B.C., it can lead to power outages. 

On November 22, BC Hydro said that most British Columbians aren't prepared enough for storms that could cause power outages this year. 

The weather in B.C. this winter is going to be a wild ride.

According to Global News, this year is neither an El Niño nor a La Niña winter weather pattern so we could expect the whole gamut of winter weather. 

For all the info on the public weather alerts for B.C., check out their website.

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