After a wild few days of snowstorms all over the province last week, B.C. weather is taking a turn to the warmer, wetter side of things. Though we're no strangers to rain on the west coast, B.C. weather this week will be bringing the rain at a seriously high volume. With over 200 milimeteres of rain expected, parts of the province are ar risk of both flooding and avalanches. 

According to The Weather Network, we can brace ourselves for a “nearly uninterrupted stream of systems” including heavy rain and snow.

Though, we likely won’t be seeing any snow as it will stick mainly to the mountains. The mild temperatures and high precipitation amounts will be working together to raise concerns for both flooding and avalanches.

After we saw the entire province light up with extreme weather warnings last week, we’re now only seeing winter storm warnings on the North Coast.

Though warnings may not be in effect, parts of the province are going to get absolutely soaked this week.

Experts from The Weather Network explain that “parts of Vancouver Island are looking at more than 200 mm of rain by late Tuesday, with much of the island in line for at least 100 mm.”

As for Vancouver, rain is in the forecast for the entire week. According to Environment Canada, rain is predicted every day from now until Sunday, January 26.

Luckily, temperatures will be in the positives, going all the way up to 10 C.

After massive amounts of snow totally shut down the city last week, we think it's safe to say that this forecast will be welcomed with open arms.

Though the snow will be sticking to the higher elevations in B.C. this week, “localized flooding possible as rain, rising temperatures accelerate snowmelt,” says The Weather Network.

Luckily, the avalanche risk is expected to improve later today, Monday, January 2020.

Winter is in full tilt across the province and it may be in your best interest to start planning indoor activites to keep you busy for the next few months.

Thankfully, the B.C. is filled with fun things to do inside and adorable cabins to road trip to if you're aching to get out of the house.

Winter doesn't mean the fun is over, it just means you need to get a little creative.

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