One of the last things you probably want to see when you unwrap your groceries is a live snake slithering around in the packaging. It's also not what you exactly would expect to happen. Unfortunately, for one grocery shopper in Canada, this is exactly what they encountered. A BC woman reportedly found a live snake in packaged strawberries from a major Canadian grocery chain. This whole thing is pretty terrifying and chill-inducing. 

One BC grocery shopper is sharing their horrifying experience on Reddit. It all started when Redditor muttonwar posted a photo of a packaged strawberries, with a slithery surprise included. 

"My sister bought some strawberries from a very large grocery chain in BC Canada. Comes with a live prize inside!," reads the title of the Reddit post

The post was uploaded to the Reddit thread "wtf" (how suiting) one day ago. Since then, it has gone viral with over 33,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments. 

Reddit user muttonwar is not disclosing to the Internet which grocery store the strawberries came from, but did say that it was a "very large grocery chain in Canada". 

Check out the photo of the scary encounter below and try not to get goosebumps thinking about what happened. 

Reddit user muttonwar confirmed that the snake was very much alive and well. "Yup very alive, let took him outside and let him go," they commented on the thread that they let they released the live snake. They also wrote that "they did let him go after taking a few pictures". 

As usual, the Internet had a lot to say about the incident. Some were grossed out, some felt bad for the snake and many took the opportunity to crack some jokes.

Reddit user muttonwar did not want to disclose the grocery chain because they don't believe that they deserve the bad press. "They dont need a bad rep. They always have the best produce and meat in town ironically," they wrote in the comment section. 

Here's hoping that this is a one-time thing and that you don't see a snake or any other animal making a special appearance in your grocery items.  

To see the whole thread, you can visit Reddit.

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