B.C. medical updates are the hottest new show this season, for better or for worse, and the province's top health officer has become a household name. So, naturally, the B.C. SPCA named their newest, most adorable puppies after her. Although they're no longer up for adoption, Bonnie and Henry have already made quite the splash.

In their most recent virtual update, the B.C. animal shelter announced their support of all the health care workers keeping us safe right now. They even had a little surprise for them.

"In honour of them, staff named these two puppies Bonnie & Henry (after #DrBonnieHenry!)," wrote the B.C. SPCA in a tweet.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, the shelter later responded to share that super-cute Bonnie and Henry have already found their forever homes, and won't be up for adoption.

You'll be happy to know that even though SPCA locations are closed to the public, the animals there are still being treated with lots of love.

On top of that, like other rescue centres across the country, many of their animals are still up for adoption. You'll just have to make an appointment in order to enter the shelter, as public entry is blocked due to novel coronavirus concerns.

Despite the national pandemic, the animals are still in need of snuggles and good homes. But, there's good news. Since the start of COVID-19, the SPCA has seen a huge spike in adoptions.

In just five days, over 500 animals were adopted from this local SPCA, according to the Surrey NOW Leader and Global News.

That was during a period when they offered 50% off fees for all adoptions. Even after that period, they reported 100 more pets were later adopted.

The puppies' namesake, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has been the face of the B.C. response to the virus since the very beginning.

Thousands of Canadians tune in to her daily updates, and she's racked up quite a few admirers — she even has her own Twitter fan club.

Whether it's people honouring her and all our medical workers through song or through beautiful artwork, it's clear that our health care heroes are loved.

And if these puppies are anything like their namesake, they've got a bright future ahead of them.

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