A blast of winter weather that's harsher than normal can make it difficult for people to get around. Those storms and freezing temperatures also have an effect on animals that aren't able to handle what the season brings. Hummingbirds in B.C. winter weather can't deal with the cold and snowy conditions.

According to the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia, a particular kind of the species stays on the west coast all year long and doesn't migrate south for the season.

However, with cold snaps and bad weather happening recently, these creatures are freezing and starving.  

In the span of a few days, the group has responded to more than 75 calls about people finding the little birds in distress because of the weather.

They have already rescued 10 of them and more could still need help.

These tiny birds have big appetites. They can consume half their weight in pure sugar every single day but it's hard to come by in the snowy season. 

"Winter becomes a survival crisis as insects and nectar from flowering plants becomes depleted during freezing weather," said the group in a news release. "Without proper care and nutrition, cold temperatures can lead to the starvation and death of many hummingbirds."

The temperature is also a problem. The group says it received a call about one of the birds actually passing out because of the cold and landing in the snow.

If you find one of these little guys on the ground, the group suggests using a towel to pick up the bird, placing it in a box with air holes, and putting a feeder in the box with the animal.

You should then close it and bring it inside to a warm, dark and quiet place for the night.

According to the B.C. SPCA, if you're going to put out feeders for hummingbirds in the winter you have to commit to it fully.

That means cleaning them, making sure there's food in them and making sure they don't freeze.

"Non-migratory hummingbirds may come to rely on this food source and will suffer if it is interrupted," the organization said.

A blast of winter that hit places like Vancouver recently proved to be fun for some, including one person who actually went cross country skiing on sidewalks in the city. 

Others found it not to be so great because of transit delays and messy roads.

Hummingbirds, however, aren't fans of cold snaps and big snowfalls and are in serious danger when they happen.

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