On Friday afternoon, it was announced that an ISIS supporter who has been declared a danger to Canada has just been ordered to be released from custody. Othman Hamdan, a Jordanian man who was detained by the Canada Border Service Agency in 2017 is being released from custody and will be residing in B.C. as he awaits his deportation. He will be under obligation to follow a variety of rules during his time of freedom. 

Canada Border Services Agency confirmed to Narcity that while the IRB has ordered Mr. Othman Hamdan to be released, the CBSA is appealing this decision at the Federal Court. In the meantime, Mr. Hamdan remains at a CBSA immigration detention centre until the hearing takes place.

Back in September 2017, Hamdan was detained by the Canada Border Service Agency due to Facebook posts that promoted ISIS and promoted terrorist attacks. According to CBC, during this time, the Canada Border Service Agency ruled that Hamdan was a 'danger to the security of Canada'.

In 2018, Hamdan received a deportation order, as the government of Canada worked towards deporting him back to Jordan. Since then, Hamdan has remained in custody in Canada and has yet to actually be deported from the country. 

On Friday, it was announced that Hamdan would actually be released from custody to live in B.C while the government continues to work towards deporting him from the country. This call came from the Immigration and Refugee Board Of Canada, after rejecting the Canada Border Service Agency's concerns that he is a danger to Canada and national security, according to Global.  

The Immigration and Refugee Board Member Geoff Rempel acknowledged that this release involved a 'level of danger to the public', but states that since Hamdan has not committed any acts of violence in Canada, he is less of a danger than other cases in the past. 

However, upon his release in B.C, more than two dozen conditions have been implemented that Hamdan will be forced to follow. According to Global Hamdan is not allowed to drive, possess weapons and electronics, and is unable to have access to the internet. 

Hamdan will be living in a small town in the B.C. interior in a basement room of a friend's home. 

According to CBC, Hamdan moved to Canada from The U.S in 2002 because he received threats and was granted refugee status in 2004. 

However, according to Global, Hamdan denies that he is a security risk to Canada and also denies that he supports ISIS or promotes terrorism. 

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