NDP’s Leader, Jagmeet Singh, promised British Columbians yesterday that he will finally create affordable housing across the province. Jagmeet Singh promised rental benefits of $5000 to BC renters and residents if elected. The NDP’s rental benefit will be geared towards families who are paying more than 30 per cent of their pre-tax income on housing, as a way to help them make ends meet immediately. 

In his home riding in Burnaby yesterday, Singh announced that he plans to crack down on speculation and money laundering in the housing market to create cheaper housing for families in B.C. 

During his speech, Singh criticized the Liberal Party's failure to deliver affordable housing and control B.C.’s out-of-control rents and mortgages. 

“Instead of taking the housing crisis seriously, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have made phony promises. Their plan actually spends less on affordable housing than during the previous ten years under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives,” said Singh, in a press release from the NDP.

“If we want to fix this mess, we need to have the courage to act. That’s why New Democrats will deliver immediate help for families who are struggling most to pay their rent," Singh continued.

In order to accomplish this, Singh announced that he would create a special RCMP unit to fight money laundering at the cost of $20 million a year.

Money laundering is considered a major reason for the province’s unstable and expensive housing market. 

"Too many people struggle to pay their rent every month" reads a tweet from the NDP. The party has now promised to offer "immediate help" for families who are having difficulties paying their rent up to a maximum of $5,000. 

“When B.C. families asked for help with the out-of-control housing market, Justin Trudeau spent $4.5 billion of their money on a pipeline instead,” said Singh, in the press release.

He also announced the creation of a national beneficial ownership registry that would reveal the identities of the sellers and buyers behind many housing corporations. 

In addition, Singh promised to bring in a 15% national foreign buyers tax, on top of the 20% foreign buyers tax that already exists in some parts of B.C., on housing properties purchased by individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada. 

Jagmeet Singh also met Mayor Kennedy Stewart yesterday, and the Mayor was completely fanboying. Singh also had a call with Trudeau earlier this week about the Prime Minister's black- and brownface scandal

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