As protests in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en nation continue, Premier John Horgan has become the most recent target. According to Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Island, activists with the rebellion are outside the B.C. Premier's home for a John Horgan pipeline protest. They are attempting to make a citizen's arrest on Horgan. 

You may recognize the name Extinction Rebellion because this group was very active during the climate strikes that took place all over B.C. in 2019.

Greta Thunberg even marched with the group when she came to Vancouver. 

Now, the group has arrived at the B.C. Premier's property in efforts to prevent Horgan from attending the provincial budget speech at the legislature in Victoria which is set to take place later today. 

According to CTV News, there are four RCMP vehicles on the scene as well as members of the Premier’s security team. 

CTV reported that at about 8:15 a.m., two protesters were laying across the driveway of the home in Langford to prevent his car from leaving. 

Another group of protestors were holding signs on the street. 

Horgan was not home when the protest began before 8 a.m. but he did arrive at his place shortly after and verbally addressed some of the protestors. 

The group has posted on their Facebook page about the action. 

“We Stand With The Wet’suwet’en – No More Crimes Against Humanity,” writes the post. 

They go on to clarify that they are not trespassing and that the RCMP, Coastal GasLink, John Horgan, and Canada are trespassing. 

“XRVI is acting with more legal authority than the RCMP, Coastal Gas link, John Horgan or Justin Trudeau. It is acting in recognition of Wet’suwet’en, Canadian and international law. Upholding the law is the responsibility of every settler citizen,” the group wrote.

Hashtags like #NoConsent, #WetsuwetenStrong, #NoAccess, and #PeopleOverProfit are used within the public Facebook post. 

In the comment section of the post, Extinction Rebellion writes that they will be undertaking a peaceful lockdown and executing a citizen's arrest to disrupt the provincial government budget speech to be held later today. 

The comment further explains that the budget will be funding “yet further injury to the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs and peoples.”

According to the Government of Canada's website, there are a number of steps you must take in order to make a citizen's arrest that includes telling and holding the person until officials arrive, calling the police, avoiding force, and avoiding questioning the suspect. 

The website also states that making a citizen's arrest is very serious and “potentially dangerous.” 

This public lockdown is to show the group's solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people. 

All throughout the nation, people have been marching and protesting to show their support. 

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