Constable Rupert Meinke of Kamloops RCMP reportedly uploaded two photos of himself putting on a charcoal face mask on Instagram along with some captions that are now the source of backlash. 

According to CTV News, one caption read, "Is my skin care racist? Micro aggressions matter." 

Black face session. It’s supposed to help my looks. I don’t think it’s working.

Rupert Meinke

Anti-racism activists and a former RCMP officer have condemned these captions. 

A review is being conducted by the RCMP as of May 2020 to "determine further context." 

Meinke's profile has now gone private and when asked for comment by CTV News, the Mountie said, "Sorry I cannot comment other than it is a skin care product. Take care."

Via CTV News

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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