Who knew hand sanitizer would be 2020's hottest product, next to toilet paper of course. Because of this, businesses that have otherwise had nothing to do with the product have now shifted their business plans to make and distribute hand sanitizer. In B.C., a Kelowna distillery made hand sanitizer and hosted a free giveaway to anyone who wanted it. "Sanitizer Saturday" was so popular that it had to be shut down by the local police. 

Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. in Kelowna is a distilling company that was established in May of 2019. 

While they focus on making vodka, they have since changed their business model to include hand sanitizer. 

On their Facebook page, the company stated they would be making their own hand sanitizer and giving it away for free. 

In order to get your free product, all you needed to do was drive up to the distillery on Saturday, April 11 between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. 

As long as you brought your own container, you could get your free product. 

Needless to say, this free sanitizer call gained a lot of attention. So much attention that when Saturday rolled around, Kelowna RCMP was called to the location for a traffic complaint. 

Local RCMP spoke with Narcity, explaining that when the officers arrived they found “hundreds” of vehicles down the road lining up for their free sanitizer. 

RCMP claimed these vehicles were blocking the roadway and as a result, the free giveaway was suspended in order to get traffic flowing. 

On the distillery's Facebook page, the company noted at around 2 p.m. that the “Sanitizer Saturday” was shut down. 

“We are working towards finding other ways of getting sanitizer to the community! Thank you to everyone who supported us today,” wrote the local business.

The Co-founder and president of Forbidden Spirits spoke with CBC News, saying that people were allegedly cutting each other off in an effort to get their hands on some of the 2,000-litre giveaway. 

Altogether, 1,600 litres of the product was given away before RCMP shut down the process just a few hours in. 

The police interference isn’t stoping the distillery as they want to try this giveaway again on April 18.

This time, there will be a numbered system to keep the traffic and customers in check.

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