If two giant furry friends hanging out by the pool isn't #friendshipgoals, I don't know what is. This B.C. park's bears are getting along great, and they're finally at the point when they can live together permanently as roommates. You can now pay them a visit and see them hanging out or doing secret bear business.

Kamloops' BC Wildlife Park just moved Tuk, a rescued black bear, into the home of their rare all-white spirit bear named Clover. After a long introduction, the two are finally living together and getting along great.

"The introduction between Clover and Tuk has gone well and the pair are now permanently on exhibit together, full time!" wrote the park in an Instagram post on Saturday, June 20.

"As the introduction is still quite new, you may see interactions between them, and our team will continue to monitor them."

Their enclosure is over 2.65 acres large, so they have plenty of room to explore and get down to important bear business. It also comes with a giant pool to cool down with, which is way more than most people have at home. These bears are probably living better than many people.

It was a long road to getting the two to this point — when they were just getting to know each other, they had to alternate turns in the exhibit.

Then, park staff slowly introduced them to each other over a long period of time, they wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday, May 31.

"It is important to remember that although in human care, these bears are still wild animals that exhibit natural behaviours, therefore, introductions must be done slowly and thoughtfully," they wrote.

Now that the two are finally familiar with each other and are buddies, you can finally see both in the same exhibit, hanging out and doing bear stuff together.

However, because their enclosure is so huge, the park warns that you might not be able to see them all the time.

They've also got access to their den areas at all times, so don't be too disappointed if you aren't able to see them the first go-around — bears need private time too. Come back later when they're ready for the limelight once more.

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