It's safe to say at this point that nobody in Courtenay, B.C. was prepared for the unprecedented amount of attention that their Christmas parade has gotten this year. A single misspelled word in their local paper - that now-internet famous "Pictures with Satan" typo - gave the Vancouver Island city more attention than they were ready for. This weekend, their typo proved to be accurate after all when a man dressed as Satan actually showed up.

According to CTV News, a man named Tim Miller decided to keep the fun going by showing up to Courtenay's Christmas parade in a "Satan Santa" hybrid costume. He did exactly what was advertised and took pictures with people.

Attendees of the parade, which took place this past Sunday, December 1, were delighted to see Miller in his over-the-top-costume. His costume was complete with horns, a Santa hat and red face paint.

"Everyone near me thought it was awesome," Michelle Hamilton tells Narcity. Hamilton was doing traffic control at the parade and was able to round up some photos of Satan Santa's visit. "He’s such a cool human. So many people got photos with him."

Miller did his part, posing for photos with adults, kids, and even goats. 

The typo, which was published in the print edition of the Comox Valley Record on November 21, quickly went viral after it was posted on Twitter by journalist Nicholas Pescod.

It became such a viral sensation that Late Night with Seth Meyers included it in their show. 


The Record wasted no time issuing a statement about the error with an editorial called "Ad lacked attention to detail." 

"We often chuckle about the typos we have caught, breathing sighs of relief when the L in 'public' or the B in 'Hornby' is added by the last set of eyes before going to print. Even those are not always caught," it says.

The Record admits that this particular typo stood out for "all the wrong reasons." However, a publisher at The Record doesn't seem too worried, telling CTV News that "people are getting a laugh out of it."

Thanks to Tim Miller in his "Satan Santa" costume, Courtenay definitely had a good laugh at this year's parade.

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