Parents-to-be face many challenges as they're preparing to welcome a little one into the world. Among the many challenges is figuring out what to name their baby. Thankfully, the B.C. government does keep track of what's trending in that department. The list of popular baby names in B.C. shows that the most common names for both boys and girls are eerily similar. 

According to the list, Oliver tops the list for baby boys in 2019 whereas Olivia is number one for the list of names for baby girls. 

So it's safe to say that those kids are going to have a hard time picking up their Starbucks order when they get older.

The top 20 names for both boys and girls have been included in the list. 

The survey data showed that Oliver was chosen 233 times whereas the runner-up, Liam, was picked 217 times. 

Lucas takes a very close third after having been chosen 216 times in 2019. 

If you look at the stats from 2018, the final showings looked a bit different, with Liam at number one and Oliver at number three. 

Oliver has been floating in the top 5 list for a couple of years now; it was last crowned number one back in 2015. 

As for the baby girls, Olivia has been the topmost choice for parents for the past five years. Back in 2015, it was the runner up to Emma. 

For 2019, the names Charlotte and Emma make up the second and third most common names for girls in B.C. 

But considering it's just a couple of names revolving through the top positions year after year, you might have to look beyond the top 20 if you want to make your kid stand out by name alone.

Thankfully, the same page does include a whole bunch of other names that parents have gone for in the previous year. Ocean, Cairo, Orion, and Forest are some of the more unique names in the boys' section. 

Names like Arya, Cedar, Indiana, and Winter make up some of the less common names on the girls' section. 

Finding a name for your baby can be a conundrum, so it's a good thing the B.C. government has more than enough options for you to mull over. 

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