A bizarre incident took place early in the morning on Friday, February 21 that resulted in a float plane crash. According to Vancouver Police, a man allegedly stole a Vancouver float plane on Friday morning and then crashed it into another one just moments later. Police in the city are now searching for the man responsible. No injuries have been reported at this time. 

If you see Vancouver police down by the harbour today, don’t be alarmed. 

According to an email sent to Narcity by the Vancouver police, officers were called to Harbour Air at around 3:30 a.m. on Friday. 

They were called following reports of a man who had stolen a float plane. 

The unknown man allegedly tried to take off on a joy ride but moments later crashed into another plane in the Vancouver Harbour. 

At this time, police are not reporting any injuries. The planes, however, did not get off so lucky. 

Police have clarified with Narcity that one plane did receive extensive damage and completely lost one of its wings. The plane also had damage to the back end. 

At this time, no one is in custody police are actively investigating.

Vancouver police have confirmed that they are currently on the scene attempting to piece together how this happened. 

The police did not specify how the person managed to start the plane. 

Harbour Air Seaplanes is a company in Vancouver that offers charters frequently between Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and Whistler.

Their website states that their fleet is about 40 aircrafts which classifies them as one of the largest all-sea plane airlines in the world. 

Annually, the company averages about 500,000 passengers. 

In addition to the commuting charters, they also offer a touring service that departs from the Vancouver, Nanaimo, and Victoria Harbours, as well as Richmond or Blind Bay. 

In July of last year, a small float plane in Newfoundland carrying seven people crashed. Three people were confirmed dead at the time while the others were missing. 

There was also a small float plane crash in the Okanagan that left two passengers injured just one month prior to the Newfoundland accident. 

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