Vancouver drivers just got a little taste of Fast and Furious, rather than just furious as usual. On Wednesday, February 26, B.C. RCMP carried out a high-speed car chase all the way from Abbotsford to West Vancouver. They were after a man that was wanted on six warrants. The Vancouver car chase was set off by a routine traffic stop on Highway 1 in Abbotsford that turned out to be far from routine, after all. 

B.C. RCMP explained to CBC News that an officer with Fraser Valley Traffic Services pulled over the car around 1 p.m. The car had Ontario plates.

The initial reason for the hold-up was that the driver was operating the vehicle without insurance.

After running the driver's name through the system, the officer realized that there were six warrants out for his arrest in another province. 

In the confrontation that followed, the driver assaulted the officer, stole the police vehicle's keys, and fled the scene in the small black car he had been driving. 

Thus ensued a lengthy car chase through Metro Vancouver, with the police finally arresting the man near Capilano Bridge in West Vancouver at around 2 p.m. 

Several police units were deployed for the car chase, who were told to track the vehicle at a safe distance. 

A video captured by Global News shows the man being surrounded by the cops as eastbound traffic sits at a standstill. The man can be heard screaming and swearing at the officers as the officers begin putting on the handcuffs. 

The above twitter clip then shows this man being lifted into an ambulance. 

The commotion around the arrest led to an inconvenient traffic situation in West Vancouver, as evidenced in the above twitter clip.

And finally, the photos above give us the best glimpse of the individual as he is wheeled into the ambulance. You can see him holding up his middle finger at the camera. 

However, this police car chase caused way more of a scene than just bad driving. According to North Shore News, the suspect has been taken to a hospital. 

He is likely going to be facing numerous charges in the Fraser Valley region before he can address the pending charges from another province. 

A Traffic Services Spokesperson told North Shore News that the officer who pulled over the suspect only suffered minor injuries.

He also reiterated that any routine traffic stop has the potential for so much insanity. In fact, someone was found drinking during a driving lesson in Vancouver recently. 


The cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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