Vancouverites were in for a bit of an unusual surprise this weekend, as the downtown core dealt with a young deer wandering the streets through Downtown Eastside and Chinatown. The deer was spotted by multiple residents as it roamed down the middle of the streets, delaying traffic and causing quite a scene. Multiple photos and videos have surfaced from the incident that occurred early on Saturday morning. 

While deer sightings are popular throughout the rural areas of B.C., it's quite unusual to spot a deer in the middle of the city on a Saturday morning. 

The deer was first spotted near the Woodward's building on Abbot Street around 11:30 AM and by noon, multiple Twitter and Reddit users were documenting the deer's journey from Gastown to Union Street. 

According to Global News, it is unknown what happened to the deer after it was spotted wandering around Saturday afternoon. So far, authorities have been unable to confirm where it was headed or where the deer currently is now. Even Vancouver Police told Global that they were unaware of the wandering deer. 

However, multiple people have released footage of the incident, and it's pretty spectacular. 

Footage shows a deer, which looks to be younger in age, prancing through the streets of downtown Vancouver. The deer seems to be wandering down the middle of the busy Vancouver roads and onlookers and drivers patiently wait for it to clear the area. 

Multiple users posted their videos, photos, and comments about the incident. All of them seemed to be confused about how the deer ended up in such a busy area. 

One Reddit user even claimed that they spotted a similar looking deer the day before wandering through Victoria Drive and Kingsway. Whether or not this was the same deer is unconfirmed. 

While a Twitter user also stated that they might have spotted the same deer at Nanaimo & Kingsway on Saturday as well. 

So far, no further sightings of the deer have been recorded for today. 

*Disclaimer: Photo used for illustrative purposed only. 


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