A B.C. restaurant keeps getting ransacked by flower theives. On Saturday, August 8, Afghan Kitchen South Surrey said their patio plants has been stolen. What's worse is that it wasn't the first time. In fact, their plants have been taken three times this summer. 

The restaurant posted about the recurring theft on its Instagram page. Alongside a surveillance video depicting one of the thefts, they wrote, "Man. This is the third time this summer that our patio plants have been stolen. We finally installed an exterior camera."

They condemned this behaviour as "atrocious." 

"After everything that has happened to the detriment of small businesses this year, we are disappointed right now," the caption concluded. 

The footage shows a woman wearing a black dress and heels getting out of a neon blue car. She's seen grabbing two flower pots off the patio planter and walking over to the back of the car to place them inside. 

There's another person seen waiting for the woman in the passenger seat of the car. 

A restaurant co-owner, Zabi Sarwari, spoke to CTV News and said that the first of the thefts took place in mid-April.

The business had just fixed up their patio to welcome back customers after COVID-19-induced shutdowns. 

Sarwari had initially believed it was just a couple of kids fooling around but when the patio was subjected to robbery two weeks later, the management was alarmed. 

They installed a video camera after the second incident, which went on to record the third plant theft that happened on Monday, August 3. 

He also told the news outlet that the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for the restaurant and that the flowers symbolized the "hard work" of the family and staff that runs the restaurant as well as the greater community around them. 

Sarwari said that community members have been leaving flowers for the restaurants in the wake of the latest theft as an act of support. 

Surrey RCMP told CTV that though they didn't catch a license plate, they believe the bright colour of the vehicle could aid their investigation. 

Narcity has reached out to Surrey RCMP for further information and we will update this article when we have a response. 

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