We are in the depths of winter and Mother Nature doesn't seem to be feeling especially generous. In fact, Vancouver is about to get rocked with another round of snow and The Weather Network is calling what we're in for a "high impact snow event." The Vancouver snowstorm is predicted to be similar to the storm which took place last month, on January 10. The snow will kick off on Tuesday and persist through Wednesday.

The Weather Network reports that “Burnaby, downtown Vancouver, and places north of the Fraser Valley will see temperatures remain below freezing a bit longer than other nearby regions into the early morning hours of Wednesday.”

Vancouver’s forecast shows between 5 and 10 centimetres of snow on Tuesday, February 4 followed by rain on Wednesday. Some regions in B.C. are predicted to get up to 20 centimetres of snow.

As you may remember, Vancouver's January snowfall did quite a number on the city. Traffic was heavily impacted, schools were shut down, and public transit experienced significant delays and many cancellations.

Though it's nothing compared to what our friends out east in Newfoundland went through a couple of weeks ago, it still turned the city upside down and it's hard to believe we're in for more of the same this week.

TWN gave us an idea of what our day will look like on Tuesday.

“The day will start on a brisk note with temperatures in the Lower Mainland being a couple of degrees below zero, while Victoria and other parts of Vancouver Island will see temperatures slightly above freezing,” they wrote.

“Varying temperatures means that some regions will see rain with this system while others could see heavy amounts of snow that could complicate travel.”

The Government of B.C.’s website shares some winter driving tips that may come in handy this week. First and foremost, they recommend avoiding travel in unideal weather conditions.

Next, they say your vehicle should be winter-ready and you should always have an emergency kit with weather-appropriate clothing.

If you're not doing any travel besides your daily commute, we'd highly suggest checking the road reports and transit alerts.

There is nothing worse than unexpected delays, so you might as well set yourself up for success.

Vancouver and surrounding areas may be falling back into complete chaos again after a few weeks of regularly scheduled rain.

Stay safe and warm out there, Vancity!

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