There are many photos going viral on the internet right now, but few are as unbelievable as this BC bus driver bathroom photo. The photo, which was originally posted on Reddit, has quickly gotten everyone's attention. So much so that TransLink has even thought it necessary to release a public explanation for it. 

On November 8, someone on Reddit posted an image of a bus driver bathroom in North Vancouver. The post claimed that the bathroom was available to drivers on the 210 Lynn Valley route. 

As is clear in the photo, the bathroom - which appears to double as a makeshift break room - hosts a chair, microwave, and a toilet, all within two feet of each other. This photo has raised concerns about the working conditions that the drivers are dealing with.

Within a few short hours, the post began to go viral. As of publication time, it has over 390 comments and has been shared all over Reddit, social media and by various news outlets.

The internet rarely agrees on anything, but in this case, everyone seems to share the same opinion - this bathroom should not exist.

Many commenters are even encouraging transit staff to report the working conditions to health services. 

Others couldn't help but use it as an opportunity to make jokes about Vancouver's rent crisis.

On November 10, TransLink provided the media with an explanation. In a statement to News 1130, TransLink spokesperson Ben Murphy explained that the bathroom was never meant to double as a kitchen and a break room. 

“[Coast Mountain Bus Company] is aware staff have been plugging in a microwave in the toilet area. Supervisors have repeatedly removed the microwave, but staff keep putting it back. To be clear, CMBC has not set up this washroom with a microwave, nor does CMBC intend for operators to cook food in washrooms,” said Murphy to News 1130. 

“CMBC provides facilities for operators to use the washroom or spend rest time along the system, with most being found at the end of routes. There are 53 in total. Most have crew rooms and some are washrooms only. CMBC owns the facilities or rents access to facilities.”

According to CityNews reporter Ashley Grace Burr, the microwave has since been removed.

A bus driver by the name of Brad Stringer spoke to News 1130 stating that each transit break room and bathroom has a different level of quality. 

He even stated that the reason for this microwave-toilet setup is because drivers don’t have enough time to have a bathroom break and run to the store for something to eat. 

Transit workers in Vancouver are currently on strike. One of the key issues that the union is fighting for is the working conditions. According to the union, they have worsened over the years due to an increase in ridership. 

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