For residents of Vancouver, Victoria, and other low-altitude B.C. towns, the heavy snowfall of last month — and the chaos it brought to the roads — may now be a distant memory. But others in the province are not so lucky. For drivers on the Coquihalla Highway, snow has made it extra tricky to get around after the area was battered by 20 centimetres in just 24 hours over the weekend. 

Environment Canada had a snowfall warning in effect in the area this morning. The authority said there could be flurries of snow measuring between two and four centimetres. This is on top of the weekend's heavy snowfall that led to major disruption on Sunday afternoon.

Drive B.C. reported yesterday how the snowstorm had led to “multiple spun out vehicles causing heavy delays.” The transportation authority tweeted at the time: “If you don’t have winter approved tires and aren't prepared to travel in these conditions, stay home and keep your coupe clean.”

This morning, Drive B.C. put out another tweet with a snowy picture of the highway. They are now advising travellers to check its webcams and the road conditions to “stay informed of changing conditions.”

The disruption to people travelling between Merritt and Hope comes just days after the Coquihalla Highway southbound had to be closed for several hours after a serious crash.

CTV News reported last Thursday how a crash involving between 15 and 20 vehicles — described as a “chain reaction pile up” by B.C. Emergency Health Services — shut the road down between around 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. 

Coquihalla Highway, officially known as Highway 5, is often the victim of bad weather. In December, for example, the road had to be closed due to snowy conditions

Environment Canada is not currently warning of further snowfall for Monday afternoon and is even predicting some sunshine on Tuesday. So fingers crossed driving conditions will improve soon.

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