There has been public concern about the novel coronavirus lately and the Government of Canada has advised travellers to avoid all travel to the Chinese province of Hubei. In addition, Air Canada has cancelled some flights between Vancouver to China as bookings have significantly decreased.

Following the confirmation of one presumptive case of coronavirus in B.C., Air Canada has cancelled some of its flights between China and Vancouver. 

While the province's test to screen for the virus is ready, people may not be willing to risk travelling in the face of a potentially deadly sickness. 

With two presumptive cases confirmed in Toronto as well, medical professionals are on high alert. 

As awareness in Canada becomes more prevalent, Air Canada has decided to cancel some of its flights between Vancouver and China demand has allegedly fallen, the airline explained in at email to Narcity. 

The Vancouver Courier has stated that the airline currently flies non-stop from Vancouver to both Bejing and Shanghai. 

According to Vancouver Is Awesome, the number of flights between Vancouver and mainland China has increased over the past decade and has inherently helped the local economy. 

While the airline did confirm with Narcity that flights are being cancelled, they did not specify which routes would be impacted. 

“We are cancelling select flights to China to better match capacity with expected demand. Air Canada currently operates 33 flights a week to China and the resulting capacity reduction is relatively small,” Air Canada explained to Narcity.

“Those customers who are affected will be notified and provided with alternate travel options.”

The airline has yet to state anything about these cancellations on its website. 

Getting out of China is also proving to be difficult. Right now, a pregnant woman and her family from Metro Vancouver are stuck in Wuhan. 

The family has communicated that while they are fine, they have been in contact with an emergency hotline for the Canadian embassy to try and resolve this situation. 

The National Post reported on January 27 that there were over 2,700 confirmed cases and 80 deaths in China. 

Even a fake alert claimed two Ryerson students caught the virus this Monday. 

With stores in Vancity literally running out of face masks, the Vancouver airport has stated that they will soon start screening for the virus.

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