While A&W has switched out some of their meat options, it looks like they may have unintentionally added a bit more protein to their menu. According to a post online, someone took a photo of a dead bug found at a Vancouver A&W's fries. The Internet is now thoroughly grossed out. 

According to a Reddit post, a user found a little extra something in their order of A&W fries. According to the picture, it looks like a small beetle. The photo was originally taken at an A&W in Vancouver on Marine Drive. 

In the photo, you can see that an order of fries was almost all eaten. As the Reddit user got to the bottom of the bag, they noticed a little something extra, that they did not order. 

In the picture, you can clearly see a small beetle turned over on its back. It's hard to tell if the beetle was deep-fried with the fries or if it got in there another way.

According to the Reddit poster, they showed management what they found. The user was unimpressed with how they handled it, as they asked them if they wanted another order of fries. 

The photo has since been posted online and it is going viral!

Many people are encouraging the user to contact Vancouver Coastal Health, as this is clearly a health concern. Others are saying to report it directly to the large chain. 

While it is a gross sight, people are being a lot more lenient with this than when a live rat was found in a Vancouver 7-Eleven cooler just one week ago. 

Many are pointing out the fact that it is just a little bug. One user even stated that while it could be a contamination in the kitchen, it is most likely due to the bug unintentionally flying into the establishment.  

Regardless of how it got there, people are sick to their stomachs and some are saying they won't go back to that location. 

Vancouver has had a long history with infestations. Back in December 2018, a dead rat was reportedly found in someone's soup bowl at a popular Vancouver restaurant. Following an inspection of the kitchen, mouse droppings and cockroaches were found everywhere! 

Another incident left a BC woman horrified when she found a live snake in packaged strawberries. I guess things like this can be more common than you think.

Narcity has reached out to A&W for a comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

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