It was a terrifying Thanksgiving weekend for one B.C. woman and her family. According to an online support page, 24-year-old Desiree Evancio was dragged by a car in B.C. for several blocks by an impaired driver. As a result, the woman is now suffering from life-threatening injuries. A $1 million GoFundMe campaign has since been set up in Evancio's honour in hopes of paying for some of her many surgeries. 

According to the GoFundMe page, Evancio is a 24-year-old woman originally from Ontario. On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Evancio was struck by a driver at around 12:30 a.m. in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

She was allegedly dragged for five to seven blocks before the driver noticed. The driver was believed to be under the influence. Evancio is now fighting for her life at the Vancouver General Hospital and is facing serious and life-threatening injuries. 

Loved ones have stated that she will now face several intense and costly procedures and surgeries including reconstructive surgery on her face. 

In order to pay for the surgeries and any other general expenses, a $1 million GoFundMe has been set up. As of the morning of October 16, there have been donations from over 500 people. 

According to the GoFundMe page, things are looking up for Evancio as she has showed signs of consciousness, but is still in critical condition. 

Ashley Danh updated the GoFundMe on October 15, 2019, saying that Evancio has already undergone three surgeries and has another planned for today. 

The eight to 10-hour surgery planned for October 16, 2019, will be to begin reconstructing her face. In order to do so, bone and tissue will need to be cut and taken from her leg and formed in replace of her cheekbone. 

Her jaw is also broke in three places and will need to have a plate inserted to realign it. 

The organizer of the GoFundMe has stated that the fundraising goal has been raised because Evancio was hit by a U.S. driver. 

“US insurance policies can be as low as 20,000 dollars. We are going to investigate and find out what his insurance if any covers but the likelihood is poor that we will receive enough endurance money to cover the many years of rehabilitation Desiree will need,” writes the GoFundMe. 

“On top of that, any reconstructive work she may want or need down the road including a prosthetic eye she may want.”

It is estimated that she will be in the hospital for another six months to a year.

“She is an adventurous, full of life, always up for a good time and a laugh, free-spirited young woman, with so much life still ahead of her,” says the GoFundMe. “Sadly she is yet another example of bad things happening to good people.”

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