As snow descends on Vancouver, city inspectors are now bundling up to investigate their sidewalks. They're out to enforce a fine for not shovelling snow. Just how much is the snow fine in Vancouver? It's more than you'd want to pay.

According to the city's street and traffic bylaw, the snow and ice in front of your property must be shovelled before 10 a.m.

City bylaw enforcers stroll down frozen streets, photographing any loitering snow or ice on the sidewalk. They're merciful, however, and will give two warnings first.

But if you don't act fast, you could be staring down a fine anywhere between $250 to $800 depending on your property, according to the CBC.

Most cities across Canada charge snow shovelling slackers, but B.C. might have forgotten since it's been almost a year since it last snowed in the typically mild city.

Now that the province is facing the lowest temperatures in a century, however, homeowners should start bringing out their shovels.

Last year, 244 property owners were charged with the offence, when Vancouver saw massive snowstorms throughout February.

Those are low numbers compared to the winter of 2016 and 2017, when the city issued an astronomical 10,267 warnings, according to Global News, with over 500 being charged.

The fees in Vancouver start at $250 for personal property, then grow to $400 for tenant-occupied properties, and finally $800 for development lots.

If all that sounds bad, at least Vancouverites have the luxury of being offered a warning first: first-time offenders in Calgary get slapped with a $250 fine immediately.

For what it's worth, at least the two warning system seems to be working: the city claims that 80 to 85% of those given warnings comply immediately, according to Global News.

Thankfully, the city has a volunteer snow-clearing program for those unable to shovel snow themselves.

Vancouver's Snow Angels program matches up seniors, people with limited mobility, and people away for the holidays with volunteers who step up to shovel for them.

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