With everything that's been happening recently, it's not totally unbelievable to think the apocalypse would be hitting soon. Locals were shocked when they saw a giant funnel cloud in Vancouver. While super-scary looking, experts have confirmed that the phenomenon was harmless.

Pictures and videos began popping up on social media as the large cloud feature descended over the Fraser River delta, near YVR Airport on Tuesday evening, May 12. It was so large, people in downtown Vancouver were able to see it.

While the protrusion reaching toward earth might look like the first stages of an alien invasion, The Weather Network said it was likely just a (rare) side effect of a passing thunderstorm.

Their meteorologists say it's possible the funnel was actually a supercell — a weather system that could produce strong thunderstorms or even tornadoes — in disguise.

However, after checking the weather conditions in the area as well as how the cloud was behaving, they say it's also possible to be a non-supercell movement, caused by an updraft of cold air in unstable conditions — just like how waterspouts are formed.

In several videos, the funnel was seen shifting and swirling in the sky, descending about halfway to the ground but never quite connecting.

Even though videos and photos were taken from downtown Vancouver, the actual event was much further away.

In either case, the Weather Network says the unstable weather conditions that caused the funnel will probably cause some sporadic storms in the area — "but nothing too out of the ordinary."

While funnel clouds are pretty rare in Vancouver, tornadoes can sometimes happen, according to The Weather Network.

They usually take the form of waterspouts on the south coast.

It's been a pretty weird week weather-wise in Vancouver, from the city heating up hotter than Malibu over the weekend, to these freaky cyclones descending from the sky.

In fact, Canada overall is in for a boiling hot summer, which is some good news at least!

But other places around the nation haven't been so lucky; Ontario just recently experienced record-shattering lows.

So while the weather here's been taking an interesting turn these past few days, at least it's been warm and entertaining!

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