As Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is frequently travelling all across Canada, especially with an election coming up. In his latest engagement, Justin Trudeau will be in Vancouver today to celebrate Vaisakhi and take part in the massive festivities which kick off today at 11 AM PST. 

According to the Prime Minister's official itinerary, he will be joined by the Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan in Vancouver today. The pair are there to celebrate Vaisakhi Day, a Sikh holiday which marks the Punjabi new year. Not only is Minister Sajjan the representative for Vancouver South, but he is also Canada's first Sikh Minister of Defense. 

In order to celebrate Vaisakhi Day, Vancouver is holding a huge parade downtown that lasts for around six hours. It will also cause at least six major road closures in the city. The event is expected to draw thousands of people. 

On top of the parade today, the Vaisakhi celebrations in Vancouver also involve the country's biggest annual road race. The Vancouver Sun Run, a 10 Km race which takes place tomorrow morning at 9 AM PST, involves over 40,000 runners. While Justin Trudeau is an avid runner, it's not yet known whether he'll be partaking in the race tomorrow. For those hoping to see him, though, he will be at the parade today. 

The Prime Minister, along with Minster Harjit Sajjan, will be giving opening remarks at the start of the parade. This will happen at 11 AM PST, at the Khalsa Diwan Society’s Ross Street Gurdwara. 

Then Trudeau will be participating in the parade. If you hope to catch a glimpse of him, you could make your way to Ross Street, Main Street, 49th Avenue, or Fraser Street. 

Finally, while making his way along the parade route, Trudeau will stop at the Punjabi Market Stage, at Main Street and 50th Avenue, where he will again give remarks around 1:30 PM PST. 

Vaisakhi not only involves a parade of bright colours and high energy, but it also is a spiritual gathering for Sikhs as their holy scriptures are paraded through the city as well. 

A similar Vaisakhi event and parade will be held in Surrey, BC today as well. 

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