Canada was heartbroken when Kawhi decided to leave the Raptors to play with the LA Clippers this upcoming NBA season. However, it's not the last we'll see of Kawhi in Canada – although he won't be playing for our side next time around. Kawhi Leonard is coming to Vancouver with the Clippers for a preseason game this fall.  

Torontonians were absolutely devastated when news broke that Kawhi would not be returning to the city, and instead would be signing with the LA Clippers. Fans expressed their gratitude to the basketball star on social media, and even Toronto Mayor John Tory chimed in with his own heartfelt video

Now, it looks like Kawhi is coming back to Canada in a few months – but not to Toronto this time around. The beloved "fun guy" will be visiting Vancouver, BC with his new team on October 17, 2019 for a preseason game. 

The Clippers will be taking on the Dallas Mavericks during the preseason game. It will take place at Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver.

Tickets are not yet available for the event, but you can stay tuned on the NBA Canada Series 2019 website. Canadians have not been shy about their love for Kawhi, so you can probably expect a big turnout for this game. 

Besides Kawhi, you'll be able to spot other basketball stars at the game as well – for instance, the Los Angeles team just traded for Paul George. 

Another famous former Raptors player also paid a visit to Vancouver this past weekend. Danny Green was in town for a fan meet and greet at a new London Drugs store opening. Just like Kawhi, he also left the Raptors for a Los Angeles team. He will be playing with the LA Lakers this upcoming season. 


Despite the many pleas and incentives thrown at Kawhi to stay in Toronto, the basketball star has decided to return to his home state. Canadians will definitely miss seeing the "board guy" play on our home soil, but for now, you can catch him in Vancouver this fall. 

To find out more information, you can visit the NBA Canada Series 2019 website

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