After a whole lot of uncertainty, it looks like Vancity will finally be welcoming its first international ride-share company. Popular ride-hailing company, Lyft will be coming to Vancouver this fall. Though it’s not guaranteed, Lyft will be putting forth an application to operate in B.C. and they announced this morning that they are confident they will be operational in Vancouver this fall.

Transportation Minister, Claire Trevena, opened the table for ride-hailing companies to apply to enter the B.C. market last month, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Ride-share companies have been invited to apply to the Passenger Transportation Board beginning on Sept. 3, 2019. As of now, Lyft has officially announced their plans to apply and nothing has yet been heard from their biggest competitor, Uber.

Though we are ready to welcome Lyft with open arms, we may not be able to expect the same service you may experience in other cities said Global News. More specifically, B.C. regulations will require Lyft drivers to have a Class 4 driver's license which requires a higher driving exam score, more tests, and a doctor’s exam.

Because fewer people possess this type of licensing, there is a concern that there won’t be enough drivers to provide the same quality of service as we’ve seen in other places. For this reason, Lyft has expressed that they will likely begin operation only within Vancouver to ensure there are enough cars to run proper operations.

According to Global News, Vancouver ride-share company Kater will also be applying and it is anticipated that both companies will be granted permission to launch in Metro Vancouver. Last March, Kater began testing their services in Vancouver. 

Though we may not see the Lyft we know and love from other cities, we're looking forward to the introduction of ride-sharing in Vancouver.

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