A 39-year-old man from Coquitlam, B.C. has had his brand new McLaren sports car confiscated by Vancouver police, only minutes after driving it away from the dealership. 

According to a report from the West Vancouver PD, the driver of the supercar was racing at excessive speeds of 161 km/h in a 90 km/h zone in Vancouver earlier this month.

The man was spotted by police traffic officers just after 10 PM on June 17, after he sped down the Trans-Canada Highway only minutes after picking up his new car from the dealership. According to police reports, he was pulled over near Cypress Bowl Road, when he told officers he had bought the vehicle only ten minutes earlier.

The vehicle was towed from the scene and impounded for seven days for excessive speeding, and the driver was also issued a $368 fine for traffic violations. Excessive speeding also comes with three driver penalty points plus a driver risk premium, which translates to a $384 hit on the driver’s insurance. 

While this is a hefty fine for most people, many people online have suggested that a total penalty of only a few hundred dollars is not an adequate punishment for somebody who can afford a 2019 McLaren 600LT supercar, which would have cost the driver upwards of $250,000.

In one tweet to the West Vancouver police official Twitter account, a lady said “If you can afford a #McLaren or any other #supercar, a $368 ticket is a drop in the bucket. @icbc maybe a round up to a Grand note.” This sentiment was felt across the board, with other users calling for the price of the speeding ticket to reflect the cost of the car, or even the income of the perpetrator.

It was also agreed by several Twitter users that small fines to people with such expensive cars are so insignificant that they are unlikely to be a deterrent to wealthy people at all. One person said, "I find it ridiculous to think that a driver fined $368 for excessive speeding after spending $240,000USD on the car is going to be scared, deterred or consider their offence seriously."

In response to the incident, Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy of the WVPD wants to remind Canadians to be responsible when driving during this July long-weekend, as there is expected to be a large number of vehicles on the road.

In a police statement, he said: “West Vancouver Police want to remind everyone to obey all speed limits and drive responsibly.” He added, “Your life is worth it.”


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