A violent video is in circulation online which depicts an aggressive interaction on a Metro Vancouver transit bus. The video shows a man forcefully kicking the glass doors of the bus three times before they open. He steps towards the open doors, turns around to spit directly at the bus driver in very close proximity, and then steps off the bus. The disturbing video of the New Westminster passenger spitting on a bus driver is only seven seconds long but suffices to show the unsettling nature of the interaction.

The video was posted by a Facebook user on the night of October 29 and has already been shared over 1000 times. In a comment, the user wrote that the video was taken at 4:20 p.m. on the 123 New West bus. According to News 1130, Metro Vancouver Transit Police are currently investigating. 

The individual who posted the video, Neczarvee Jane Guidoriagao, writes that the man was told by the bus driver to step back behind the red line while the bus was in motion. The man wouldn’t comply so the bus driver stopped the bus. Though this is not confirmed, Guidoriagao said in one of the comments "he was drunk from what I remembered."

Guidoriagao said in other comments that she called the police as soon as the man was off the bus and the cops were going to meet her at the New Westminster bus station.

She also said she was sitting with her son during the incident which made it even more terrifying. “He got aggressive and he didn’t listen! I took this video for everyone safety and the driver,” she wrote. According to Guidoriagao, "The driver is ok he was very calm when he told the guy to go behind the line."

The comment section on the video has erupted with support for the driver and for Neczarvee Jane Guidoriagao for sharing the video. Several other commenters who claim to be transit drivers have spoken up in the comments. One wrote, "I'm a bus driver for CMBC as well. Thank you Neczarvee Jane Guidoriagao for being brave enough to film this and making it public.

"Unfortunately, this is the type of behavior that we have to put up with. And all we want to do is keep everyone safe. Please, please, please, make this as public as possible," the comment continues.

Another person said, "As being a bus driver, this makes me sick to my stomach and sad." 

This video has emerged in the wake of the controversy surrounding Metro Vancouver bus drivers. Drivers are demanding better pay, benefits, and working conditions and rumours of transit strikes have been in circulation.

Transit workers will be taking action if an updated agreement is not reached by 12:01 a.m. on Friday, November 1.

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