An Instagram account has been created to call out a brewery in Vancouver. The account with 40 individual posts has been dedicated to telling the public about the “racist” and “sexist” work environment at Parallel 49. Ex-employees are calling what they experienced “inexcusable treatment.”

A person who says they are a former employee of Parallel 49 Brewing Company anonymously launched an Instagram account for anyone who has worked for the company. 

It was intended to be used as a platform to allow employees to share their stories of misconduct. 

According to the account, it was inspired by a fellow Instagram account that was also used to draw attention to the misconduct happening in Vancouver coffee shops and service industries. 

In the very first post, the anonymous creator wrote that the brewery's “toxic work environment” included a general manager that gossiped and lied to staff.

The post continues by claiming the general manager and head chef were often the “root of the problem” but their actions were overlooked. 

Each post by the account was submitted anonymously through direct messaging. Screenshots were then posted and any names affiliated were removed or not shown. 

Every allegation is different and includes accusations of being underpaid, understaffed, and overworked. 

Other allegations include workplace bullying, racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia. 

In one post, an anonymous person claims that on their first day a coworker said they had the “hands of a rapist” and that they liked that. 

Another post claims an owner tried to "hook up" with a staff member at a Christmas party. 

So far, there are 40 posts filled with allegations with most posts containing several screen grabs of complaints. 

“This is not about one person and their grievances but the company as a whole which you can see in all the stories,” wrote the Instagram creator in a post. 

“To all the breweries who have seen our stories, we hope you can use this as a means to ensure staff never expense this.”

The same post reads that Parallel 49 has yet to acknowledge, apologize or reach out after viewing the Instagram account. 

The brewery has since posted on their Instagram account in response to the situation. 

Expressing their sadness for what they have read, they explained that they have taken “full responsibility” and will “make no excuses.”

Writing that it's not good enough to just acknowledge the issues and that they'll be taking a number of steps to ensure a respectful and inclusive working environment. 

The steps they outline include hiring an HR professional, introducing sensitivity and management training, exploring a partnership with LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, and addressing areas where workplace culture does not reflect key values. 

“There is no undoing the past, but we hope that through a series of actions and a sincere commitment to create a better workplace culture, we can create a better experience for current and future employees and patrons,” the message concludes. 

Narcity has reached out to both Parallel 49 and the founder of the Instagram account for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response. 

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