Cities are going to be loud no matter what. Between the people and the traffic, it’s rare that you get a moment of silence. For the most part, we have gotten good at tuning out the regular hustle and bustle, but some noises are just too loud — and the SkyTrain is one of them. In fact, one Metro Vancouver resident thinks the public transit is so loud that they started a petition against Skytrain noise in Burnaby.

Public transit is wonderful in a lot of ways. It helps us get to and from work without having to spend money on gas or a car. And if you’ve seen the gas prices recently, you know how much you’re saving.

One of the downsides of transit is that it’s loud. The SkyTrain is one of the noisiest pieces of public transit in Metro Vancouver and apparently, one person has had enough of it.

According to Burnaby Now, a local Burnaby woman is fed up with the noise from the SkyTrain to the point where she actually made a petition and sent it to TransLink.  

Apparently, she isn’t the only one who thinks the noise is too much. 

According to Burnaby Now, Sedi Minachi and her neighbours are so over the noise from the SkyTrain. While she understands that her South Burnaby home will be noisy due to the train, she says that it is too much. 

In order to get it to stop, she and her neighbours signed a petition to get TransLink to deal with the “screeching noise” between Dunblane and Marlborough. 

In the letter, she wrote that “people between these two particular blocks have been suffering in the past few months and it's an urgent matter for your organization to conduct an investigation as soon as possible.”

TransLink has now written back to Minachi stating that track maintenance is continuous throughout the entire SkyTrain system. They also stated that they reviewed the upcoming maintenance schedule and confirmed that they will be performing rail grinding in the area over the next four to six weeks. 

According to the letter obtained by Burnaby Now, rail grinding “eliminates some of the surface irregularities which may cause wheels to screech.”

But it’s not just Minachi who has thought the trains were too loud. Many people on Reddit have been backing her up with their own claims. 

Some people are saying that it is not just this particular area that is impacted. Some commuters are stating that the screeching is noticeable within the actual trains. 

One person has even shed a little bit of hope that things will improve by stating that a similar circumstance occurred near Coquitlam Centre and because of the complaints, it was fixed. 

In an email from TransLink to Narcity, reps state that “SkyTrain is a working railway and as such there will always be some degree of noise associated with its operation, however it is important to us that we be good neighbours."

"This is why we are in the process of conducting a thorough study of the noise generated by SkyTrain’s Expo and Millennium lines in hopes of finding new ways to reduce the sound emitted by trains passing through a given area.”

Vancouverites all know the familiar, haunting screeching sound of the Skytrain, but it might be time for that screeching to ease up a bit. 

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